Phone Tracking Guide

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Losing your mobile may give panic attack to some and this is surely more than losing your house key or wallet. This is because the phone will have all sensitive data, private information of you & your family. If the stranger gets access to that information, it could be a big issue. Thankfully, you have many ways that can find lost or stollen android or iPhone.

In case if you have bought your phone recently, the chances are you will already be having a software in your phones that are needed to find the thief.  If you don’t have such application built-in in your phone, then there are plenty of third-party application available, this will help you track you phone.

In case you are not able to find the lost phone with its built in features of both IOS and Android then use this will support any phone as long as you know its number. With simple user interface you can track the phone minutes.

In case if the app is not preinstalled, Visit Appstore or play store to download the application and install it into your mobile with given procedure. Once you install mobile tracking application into your mobile you must link it up to google account if its android and iCloud account id its iPhone. This both will let you lock, wipe and retrieve the data. This has special feature that alert message this will give pop up message to whoever finds the phone.  The only condition is that it will work as long as it holds the battery.

Once someone find your phone, they avoid giving them that personal information. The information like as home address as you don’t know what kind of person you are dealing with. Yeah you can share phone number and email address for communication purpose to know how to get the phone. There are many other ways to find you lost phone, google have this built-in option to find the lost phone. Type “where is my phone” this will prompt a command to search your phone.

Google service have the capacity to give call to your phone, send SMS, lock the phone, change the password, this can be done from far with several other option in it. This kind of options are must when you are going to buy phone. Pick those phones only which have good security service in it. If your phone is connected with WIFI then its will be super easy to track your phone. Even if it is not connected it will work without any issue but with WIFI it will be real quick.

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