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Do you like to enjoy life? If you do, then we are the type of people you need to contact as soon as possible. Over recent years we allowed thousands of clients to rent literally anything they wanted to rent at that moment. In return, we got to see smiles on their faces and happiness in general. This is precisely the thing we do and why we are here.

We can assist you in renting anything you like. A huge house, a big yacht a new car or something bigger like an airplane? We got you covered and we will be available for you as long as needed.

Our clientele

Famous athletes

Probably the biggest part of our clients is successful athletes, professional of course. They want to use the vacation they get as much as possible so they come to us for help. We help them get a new house, a new car, and a yacht, all of that on the rent.


We are unable to reveal which celebrities used or have been using our services. All we can add is that you probably know all of them. They also want to have a vacation incognito and to enjoy without any stress or tension.

CEOs of large companies

These guys need rest too. They usually get the whole package and they have the ultimate fun for days. Many of the CEOs of the large companies you are in touch with now or have been in touch for a long period of time are our clients.

Individuals who like traveling

Of course, a part of our clientele are individuals looking for fun while traveling, while on vacation or while looking for something. We assist them in finding the most suitable and the most desirable accommodation and vehicles possible.

Our experience

years of service
positive reviews
million of budget

Here’s a glimpse of what we offer

We are offering the best yachts and boats to our regular clients so that they can make their holidays relaxing and enjoy them to the fullest. We know about the market demand but we try our best to offer the clients what they need at the best possible prices.


Phone Tracking Guide

Losing your mobile may give panic attack to some and this is surely more than losing your house key or wallet. This is because the phone will have all sensitive data, private information of you & your family. If the stranger gets access to that information, it could be a big issue. Thankfully, you have many ways that can find lost or stollen android or iPhone.

In case if you have bought your phone recently, the chances are you will already be having a software in your phones that are needed to find the thief.  If you don’t have such application built-in in your phone, then there are plenty of third-party application available, this will help you track you phone.

In case you are not able to find the lost phone with its built in features of both IOS and Android then use https://geolocaliserunportable.fr this will support any phone as long as you know its number. With simple user interface you can track the phone minutes.

In case if the app is not preinstalled, Visit Appstore or play store to download the application and install it into your mobile with given procedure. Once you install mobile tracking application into your mobile you must link it up to google account if its android and iCloud account id its iPhone. This both will let you lock, wipe and retrieve the data. This has special feature that alert message this will give pop up message to whoever finds the phone.  The only condition is that it will work as long as it holds the battery.

Once someone find your phone, they avoid giving them that personal information. The information like as home address as you don’t know what kind of person you are dealing with. Yeah you can share phone number and email address for communication purpose to know how to get the phone. There are many other ways to find you lost phone, google have this built-in option to find the lost phone. Type “where is my phone” this will prompt a command to search your phone.

Google service have the capacity to give call to your phone, send SMS, lock the phone, change the password, this can be done from far with several other option in it. This kind of options are must when you are going to buy phone. Pick those phones only which have good security service in it. If your phone is connected with WIFI then its will be super easy to track your phone. Even if it is not connected it will work without any issue but with WIFI it will be real quick.

Guide to Thai Amulets


“Buddhism is a philosophy of life. Not a religion”

Buddha – a national religion of Thailand. Buddhist is a very popular religion preached in Thailand. Buddhism is widely known and popular all around the world.

Thai Amulets – known by many popular names “Talismans”, “Thai Buddha amulet”.

This is both a reminder of Buddhist teachings and agents of the Buddha’s magical powers. Conventional amulets depict the Buddha in a state of meditation.

Thai Amulets have the Buddha image on them, an image of a monk well-known in the times or even an image of the monks who created these amulets. They come in different sizes, shapes and materials (such as wood, metal, plaster)


People have strong beliefs that Buddhist amulets that can protect them from various factors reasons and solve their life problems. It helps you successfully overcome a number of difficult situations in your life.


  • It cleanses and purifies the amulet
  • Removes the residual energy from the previous person who used it.
  • It activates the Talismanic power so it can interact and communicate with the Divine


This ritual works in the same manner just like the consecration of any other tool.

This is done by conducting a ceremony wherein you invite the object to become a part of your identity and your spiritual path. By consecrating and blessing it, one gives life to the tool, recognizing the Talismanic Power – a power that changes our life.

Following below are steps how the consecration of an amulet is organised:

  • Preparing a sacred space for the ceremony. Choose from a quiet place, an altar
  • Set an intuition while getting it ready. What is that you want to bring in your life, why you are making use of this sacred object
  • Each ingredient corresponds to one of the cardinal elements and directions. Place the ingredients salt, candle, incense and chalice in their respective directions of north, south, east and west
  • Light the candle and incense
  • Hold the amulet you want to consecrate in your hands and stand facing North
  • Hold it over the salt and chant the mantras
  • Now, face to the south and hold the amulet over the candle flame and chant the mantras
  • Next, turn to the west, hold your amulet over the glass of water and chant the mantras.
  • Make sure you read out loud or state the purpose of your usage of the amulet
  • Do wear the amulet or carry it along with you without taking it off for the next five days


Amulets are actually believed to be sacred, very sacred. These pendants are proved to be very effective and powerful.  They are ancient, original and very effective amulets that contain magical powers, in order to improve your life.

Amulets help generate positive vibes in us. On wearing one, you feel much healthier, stronger, and luckier and you will be more successful than ever before.


Quick Facts!

Thai monks, Necromancers, Lay masters were believed to have possession of these Thai Amulets and thus these sacred pendants are blessed with magical and incantatory powers.



Hope you enjoyed the article about Thai Amulets. The various ways to bring to power, their usages, benefits for a person making use of this wonderful and ancient product.

Wish to possess on for yourself? Want to purchase an amulet? You can find a big variety of collection of these beautiful ancient pendants online. Choose the one you prefer and are correctly matching your choice, liking and requirements from our website – lp toh from Thai Amulets 888 Start feeling more fortunate in your life by having one of these!

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Welcome to the Magical World of Sentosa

Magical World of Sentosa

My friend, along with her boyfriend came to visit me in Singapore just a couple of days ago. And for 2 days I’ve just been voted to become their official tourist guide.

I really didn’t mind playing the part since I love exploring the whole island just about as much as any tourist. Though after getting us lost one time too many, I highly doubt I’ll be able to make a career out of it.

Anyway, so there I was planning our itinerary with the help of details published at https://acebet99.com/home/ and with only 2 days to cram all the sightseeing activities. (No, make that 1 and half day since they’re going back home on the last day.)

It’s a no brainer really.

Sentosa would make an excellent tourist destination for a whole day of playing tourist.

Getting There

Sentosa is accessible through Harbourfront. It’s easy to get there via the MRT however, it’s just as easy to take bus # 65, 80, 93, 188, 855, 10, 30, 97, 100, 131, 143, 145, 166 to take you there.

Once there, you have many options to get to the island:

Sentosa Bus

This is one bus that’s hard to miss as it’s the only bus that’s orange colored. You’ll get to board this bus at the Harbourfront Interchange and it will take its passengers to alight at Beach Station, Sentosa.

Bus going to Sentosa

A bus ticket can be purchased at Harbourfront Interchange Ticketing Counter.

Sentosa Express

Express train going to Sentosa

The Sentosa Express is a personal favorite. This colorful LRT certainly adds to the allure of being transported to a different, magical place.

With Sentosa Express, you can choose where to alight as it stops on 3 stations, namely: Sentosa Integrated Resort (due to open next year), Imbiah Station and Beach Station.

You can get onboard Sentosa Express at VivoCity (Lobby L, Level 3).

Tickets can be purchased at the following locations:

  • All Sentosa Express stations (except Waterfront Station)
  • Cable Car Ticketing counters at Mt Faber and HarbourFront Tower II
  • Ticket vending machines at all Sentosa Express stations (except Waterfront Station)


Of course! Singapore is all about convenience. What more convenient way to go to Sentosa than hailing a cab or going there with your own car.

Just don’t expect to get away with the fees. There’s a small fees per car charge on top of the person admission charge. With taxis, you only need to pay the admission fee per person on top of the taxi fare.

There are lots of designated parking lots at the island so, no worries there.

Cable Car Going To Sentosa

I rode on a cable car the first time I went to Sentosa. It was an exhilarating experience. Sad to say that this will be unavailable to the public until early next year for some major upgrading.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see til then, huh?!

There you go. The different means to go to Sentosa. This list is as far as I know. You know of anymore, please share it with us.

Islands of Malaysia

Malaysian Islands are extremely beautiful and scenic and these exotic islands ideal to enjoy a fun-filled holiday. The tropical islands beckon travelers to relax and unwind on white sandy beaches and turquoise blue seas. The coasts of West Malaysia are home to a number of different islands such as Penang, Pulau Payar, Pulau Tioman, Pulao Kapas, Pulau Rawa, Pulau Dayang Bunting etc.

East Malaysia also contains a large number of islands and some of them are faIslands of Malaysiamous as diving sites and these include Pulau Layang-Layang, Pulau Gaya, Pulau Tiga, Pulau Sipadan and Pulau Talang Talang.

Casino Reviews Malaysia website recommends some of the most prominent islands to visit in Malaysia:

Penang: Penang is also known as Pulau Pinang and is one of the most popular islands of Malaysia, which is extremely rich in history and culture. Prior to 18th century, this used to be a haven for pirates and then it came under the British Colonial Straits Settlement. Today Penang is home to the largest number of colonial houses that are reminiscent of 19th to early 20th century.

Pulau Langkawi: This is an impressive archipelago of 99 islands and Langkawi is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in Malaysia. This extremely scenic place has managed to retain its old cultural roots and rustic charm and offers myriad scopes for adventure sports. Whether it is about indulging in diving, water sports or trekking through the tropical jungles, Langkawi offers a variety of options.

Pulau Pangkor: This is an extremely quaint and a quiet island that offers a blissful retreat and here one can experience the rustic lifestyle considering it offers a thriving fishing community.

Labuan: This is an island that is situated in East Malaysia and the main town in this island is Bandar Labuan. This city is important because it gives access to travelers to visit the nearby islands of Pulau Layang Layang, Pulau Kumaran and Pulau Rusukan Besar that are major important diving sites.

Sipadan: Sipadan is situated off the coast of Sabah and it is a protected area. This is one of the top five diving destinations in the world and is known for its outstanding natural beauty. The scenic sandy beaches surround the island while the diving site is particularly known for its rich amalgamation of marine life. The resorts on this island are truly spectacular considering they are built in stilts and are positioned in the middle of the sea.

These islands of Malaysia are truly spectacular from every respect one could think of considering they boast a rich treasure trove of marine life, stunning beaches and unmatched scenic beauty. The island beaches in Malaysia allure a large number of travelers from around the world due to the fascinating array of opportunities it provides in terms of excitement, adventure and fun.

Culture and People of Singapore

Singapore is a vast country that consists of multiple cultures and each culture is distinguished from one another. It is established fact that near about 5 millions of the population inhabit on the lands of Singapore. Now to say such we have to highlight on the language of Singapore. Here the people actually speak two languages that include English and another language Chinese, Madarin, Tamil, Singlish. They usually speak the standard form of the English whose main verse follow British grammar. It is seen that the major portions of the racial groups actually chose only one language . Bahasa Malayu is the national language of the Singaporeans.

Talking about Singapore you should know that it consists of multiple religions. Mainly it is seen that Chinese are devoted to Lord Buddha while the others usually adhere to Taoism, Christanity and Confucianism. Here you will get to see about 5%of the Indians as Hindus while about 15% are of Muslims. Once you are here, you will come across various types of religious buildings that include temples, mosques, and churches. All these signify that the country shows great respect to all the religions. In addition to this, you might also see some of the greatest buildings that include the Sikh temples and Jewish ones that also portray a great architectural landmark as well.

In Singapore, you might come across some varied ethnic races that include some of the famous areas like Kampong Glam, China town and the Little India. You would like to know bout little India it is famous for serving the people the best thali dishes that too served in a banana leaves. Even if you want, you can visit the place by means of the public forms of the transport called the Mass Rapid transit. On the other hand, the China town actually show cases the traditional Chinese culture and you can trace out the culture in the region called Outram.

You should not miss Sentosa Resort which offers high end club or else you can look for alternate website https://bet888win.net. You can also take notice of some of the best national holidays in the calendar, which includes the Buddhist Vesak day, Chinese New Year, Eid –ul-fitr. In Singapore Christians are also given great privilege like New Year, good Fridays all these are also added in the list of the public holidays as well. The best thing to note is that they mainly celebrate the Independence Day with lots of celebrations. In fact, the day is followed by national parade as well.

The next thing that you can see in Singapore is that they follow a cosmopolitan culture that has described its ethnicity in a broad way indeed. Here the immigrants too have brought outstanding festivals with them so that they can spend it with lots of amusement. You will definitely like to discover the natural beauty of Singapore along with their outstanding culture that has become the latest topic of discussion. People get attracted to Singapore to explore both their geographic and commercial success. Moreover, you will also like to catch glimpses of the scenic beauty as well.

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