Welcome to the Magical World of Sentosa

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Magical World of Sentosa

My friend, along with her boyfriend came to visit me in Singapore just a couple of days ago. And for 2 days I’ve just been voted to become their official tourist guide.

I really didn’t mind playing the part since I love exploring the whole island just about as much as any tourist. Though after getting us lost one time too many, I highly doubt I’ll be able to make a career out of it.

Anyway, so there I was planning our itinerary with the help of details published at https://acebet99.com/home/ and with only 2 days to cram all the sightseeing activities. (No, make that 1 and half day since they’re going back home on the last day.)

It’s a no brainer really.

Sentosa would make an excellent tourist destination for a whole day of playing tourist.

Getting There

Sentosa is accessible through Harbourfront. It’s easy to get there via the MRT however, it’s just as easy to take bus # 65, 80, 93, 188, 855, 10, 30, 97, 100, 131, 143, 145, 166 to take you there.

Once there, you have many options to get to the island:

Sentosa Bus

This is one bus that’s hard to miss as it’s the only bus that’s orange colored. You’ll get to board this bus at the Harbourfront Interchange and it will take its passengers to alight at Beach Station, Sentosa.

Bus going to Sentosa

A bus ticket can be purchased at Harbourfront Interchange Ticketing Counter.

Sentosa Express

Express train going to Sentosa

The Sentosa Express is a personal favorite. This colorful LRT certainly adds to the allure of being transported to a different, magical place.

With Sentosa Express, you can choose where to alight as it stops on 3 stations, namely: Sentosa Integrated Resort (due to open next year), Imbiah Station and Beach Station.

You can get onboard Sentosa Express at VivoCity (Lobby L, Level 3).

Tickets can be purchased at the following locations:

  • All Sentosa Express stations (except Waterfront Station)
  • Cable Car Ticketing counters at Mt Faber and HarbourFront Tower II
  • Ticket vending machines at all Sentosa Express stations (except Waterfront Station)


Of course! Singapore is all about convenience. What more convenient way to go to Sentosa than hailing a cab or going there with your own car.

Just don’t expect to get away with the fees. There’s a small fees per car charge on top of the person admission charge. With taxis, you only need to pay the admission fee per person on top of the taxi fare.

There are lots of designated parking lots at the island so, no worries there.

Cable Car Going To Sentosa

I rode on a cable car the first time I went to Sentosa. It was an exhilarating experience. Sad to say that this will be unavailable to the public until early next year for some major upgrading.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see til then, huh?!

There you go. The different means to go to Sentosa. This list is as far as I know. You know of anymore, please share it with us.

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